Rad am Ring 2017 – get ready

This year’s RAD am RING is all new for us.

this direction

After starting with a group of eight competitors for the road, we went the next years for teams with 4 riders. We continued with 2 road teams and a mtb team for several years, last year only one one and this year it goes down to 4 riders on the road and only 2 riders in the mtb challenge to hit the 24 hours!

So for all of us it would be an experiment, even with a new rider in the road group, missing our tria rider Marco this year in the road team and our female rider Bettina in the mtb team!

So what can we expect for this year’s edit?

For sure new frames and parts will be on the course! a new post on the plateau – not far from the expo-area and best placed for the infrastructure (power, shower e.g.), but less space – hope enough!

We will enjoy it nevertheless and keep you updated.


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