adventure ride – Lux to Dus – Part I

It was October 2016 when I was travelling to Luxembourg with my family. The way back I wanted to take the bike. For this I had planed two days on roads less travelled using some old railways and smaller roads along the Rur river with his lakes.

We did some parts of it in the Rapha Prestige Limburg 2015, where we took part with a team of 3 riders. So the roads especially on the second day at the Rur, were well known.

we are ready

All starts near the center of Luxembourg’s Kirchberg Plateau with signs showing the way of the old train path well paved.

well signed
paved railway








So no need to get worried about orientation, we took off heading east to our first junction heading north towards Belgium.

perfect pack #leaveitontheroad
steel on steel

To ride across the border of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg means to me that I am actually in the middle of Europe. No frontiers any longer and you can easily ride from country to country only the language and the streetlights are changing.

Heading into the night was no problem at all because the bikelane is free of any cars and eventually animals. With a good frontlight from Lupine mounted on the frame – you only need it on the helmet when you are in the woods, dark and full of roots.

The tunnels are more or less lighted and often the scenery changes from the entry to the other side of it.

As we ride from one trainpath to the other, we are not going straight over the mountainroads but more along the rivers in the valleys.

Cities are crossed along the rivers.


Rivers are crossed on smaller bridges made of steel or wood…..

…. or even under bridges

speedy sections on wet surface do not make us afraid because no traffic cuts your line and there are no real corners where you can slip or slide.

trainpath crossing heading towards St. Vith

here you can see the trainlanes coming from different directions

and again the Belgium border

heading into the night on the Vennbahn reminds me on the night rides on the 24hour Rad am Ring event – same free roads

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