adventure ride – Lux to Dus – Part II

Next day we are starting after a good breakfast well fueled up for day two of our adventure ride from Lux to Dus

Sun comes out and warms the mind

sun wakes up nature too

Monschau is the first stop and as it is busy because of sunday, we are straight forward along the river Rur

not far ahead it is quit again and nature is back on our side

the Rur valley is surounded by woods but the valley lies green

with cows alongside the gravelroad

the Rur at the start of the sea missing water

but after some K´s the lake was there and never left us the whole day

with all the wateractivities

getting quiet very close

 – sometimes to close

well done – sometimes near the small villages a bit to busy

..and now it is the time of the year to do it again – edit 2017 end of Oct

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