Rapha Prestige Limburg June 13th 2015 – we are in


                                 WE ARE READY –

so this is the kind of preparation for tomorrows big #RPLimburg 190 K someone needs


pic from Schicke Mütze, Carsten Wien


Good morning,

Hope you’re looking forward to Saturday as much as we do. Please find below important details regarding this weekend. Read them thoroughly and please share them with your team members. It’s long and boring, but crucial.
Here it is, 192 kilometers of goodness with a fair amount of climbing.
As you have seen in the pictures, there will be gravel. Sections will be smooth and packed, sections will be rough with loose rocks.
Safety First. You do not win on descents. For instance, around KM 52, you will go down ‚Der Hammer‘ (you’re welcome). It is beautiful smooth pavement that invites you to go as fast as you can. Next to upcoming motor traffic and tourists not paying attention, it has a pothole the size of Oranje’s defense popping up out of nowhere. Please be careful.
Dusty Gravel
pics from Rapha cc
As mentioned before, this is an unsupported, unmarshalled ride. Make sure you bring plenty of spare tubes, as many tools you can carry (a chain breaker and spoke tool can come in handy), food, water etc. Tubulars are comfortable, but lethal when you have a flat in the middle of nowhere.
Plenty of towns along the course to stop for a coffee, apple pie and to fill up your bidons.
We have two checkpoints where you will need to stamp your brevet card. The checkpoints are at the Eupen Dam, immediately above the dam is a restaurant as well. No technical support at the check point next to a floor pump.

The unmarshalled part means that next to handing out a cue sheet at the start and the attached GPX/TCX file, there is no route marking. This course has many twists and turns so please pay attention to the cues, but also take your time to enjoy the surroundings.
pics from Rapha cc
Rocky Gravel
pics from Rapha cc














Good afternoon and congratulations,

We’re happy to announce that your application to participate in the Rapha Prestige Limburg has been successful and that we’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday June 13th at ‚t Hijgend Hert.
To bring you one step closer to the Rapha Prestige in Limburg, I kindly ask you, as team leader, to arrange the payment.
The payment needs to be made before Wednesday May 13th, 2015 and from the person who signed the team up. Once we received your team’s payment, your participation will be confirmed and the physical and tactical team training phase may officially begin.
The course is beautiful as you may expect in that area. Some perfect roads, some not-so-perfect, some roads that may need a redefinition of the word ‚road‘. Woods, farmland, towns, lakes, monuments and rivers. In short, a fantastic exploration day on the bike.
pic from Rapha.cc
pic from Rapha.cc
If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me. And no, you can’t get the route at this stage, it will be announced a few days before June 13th.

VPACE Titanlenker

Titan ist ein besonderes Material, dass wir schon in vielen Arten verbaut und getestet haben.

Jetzt sollten wir von VPACE einen Titanlenker verwenden. Die Besonderheit ist, dass anders als die meisten Lenker aus Titan, bei VPACE ein oversized Querschnitt im Bereich der Lenkerklemmung verwendet wird. Hierdurch ist er besonders steif und reagiert sehr direkt auf Richtungswechsel. Als Bike haben wir uns für ein 29er Hardtail entschieden.

Hardtails sind für uns prädestiniert dafür. Ist die Fahrt mit einem Hardtail etwas ruppiger, so gibt der Lenker doch eine gewisse, spürbare Dämpfung. Dies noch kombiniert mit den 29er Laufrädern, so entsteht ein schnelles Bike, mit merklichem Vortrieb.

Wir haben auf Stahl (Niner MCR9), Alu (Nicolai Argon TB) und Titan (MOOTS RSL Mootox) getestet.

Gut hat uns auch gefallen, den Lenker mit einem kurzen Vorbau aus Titan zu kombinieren.

Für uns ist der Titanlenker von VPACE in 730 mm Breite erste Wahl – because size matters